Forage Fish

Learn about the BC Shore Spawners Alliance citizen science program to document and protect beach spawning forage fish habitat. Hard working Denman Island volunteers participated in this program every Sunday for 5 years. 

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Click here for the Friends of Forage Fish facebook page.

Click here for Forage Fish Atlas and Data Management System | Community Mapping Network.

Islands Trust Forage Fish mapping and report for Denman, Hornby and Thetis is now complete.  It can be found at

along with a link to the MapIT Shorelines online mapping. Trust news release about the findings at

Forage Fish Survey Project

Ramona de Graaf, BSc. (Hons), MSc., Research Coordinator and Consultant is a marine biologist, forage fish specialist, marine educator, and researcher.  She has been studying and surveying forage fish habitats since 2000.  She has studied marine systems from the deep sea to eelgrass, marine population genetics, cetaceans, and plankton. She is the principal of Emerald Sea Biological.

Ramona launched the BC Shore Spawners Alliance, a project of Sea Watch Society, which currently has 27 communities involved in volunteer forage fish survey efforts at 32 beaches.  A group of ADIMS and Denman Island volunteers were trained in 2010 and have been participating in this effort since then. The protocols used to identify forage fish spawning habitat were developed by Dan Penttila and the survey information has been used to help communities write bylaws for beach protection.

Click here to learn about the potential impacts of subtidal geoduck and sea cucumber tenures on herring spawning in the Lambert Channel (letter and report from Doug Hay, PhD, to Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations).