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Watch this beautiful and informative video on the environment in Baynes Sound. Details on the research behind this can be viewed here.

Here is an excellent presentation on Geoduck harvesting and its impacts on our environment.


Standing Up for Our Oceans!!

Please Give Feedback to the Environmental Assessment Review Process

by Barbara Mills for ADIMS

There have been many hopeful changes since Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals came to power.  One of the most important to us as islanders is that scientists are no longer muzzled and are again recognized as valid consultants and allies to the government, rather than enemies.

Almost as important, is this government’s willingness to solicit input from ordinary citizens on fisheries and environmental issues.  Most relevant for the ADIMS board is that we have an opportunity to give input on the new Environmental Assessment legislation, as well as changes to the Fisheries Act.  This is an amazing chance to advocate for real protection of our fragile and vital marine ecosystem.  ADIMS will be giving a formal presentation to the Environmental Assessment Review panel in Nanaimo in December.  We intend to advocate that the Minister of the Environment:

  • Urgently conduct a Cumulative Impact Assessment on the waters of Baynes Sound and Lambert Channel;
  • Ensure that all projects proposed in Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) such as Lambert Channel and Baynes Sound be subject to an independent, ecosystem-based scientific assessment before being approved or altered. This point is in contrast to the present process by which industrial projects perform their own environmental assessment.
  • Ensure that no projects that could introduce further toxins and/or microplastics into the marine environment be allowed/ approved.

Islanders, as individual citizens can also give input until December 15th.  The Environmental Assessment Review Panel has an online questionnaire that also solicits your opinion.  It takes about twenty minutes to fill out.  The deadline for input is December 17th.  It is not difficult to complete. Most questions are either yes or no; or on a scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. But there are some critical questions that the “right answer” will make a difference in whether environmental assessment serves the environment or industry.   ADIMS will offer assistance to islanders who want help in completing this “Choicebook questionnaire”.  Our assistance will include a choice of either:

The link to this EAreview “Choicebook” is:

Succinct information on the Environmental Review goals are available at:

 We hope that you will take the time to give this important feedback. We anticipate that “counting responses” to their questions may have as much, if not more influence, than the ADIMS formal presentation.  Thank you so much!!!!

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