Plastics-Free Denman

Welcome to Plastic Free Denman Island.  This support group is intended for those interested in reducing their plastic use.  Share ideas, resources, and inspirations, and keep current on plastic news and current events.  Ok, we can occasionally rant too, whatever helps.

Plastic Free Denman Island is an initiative of the Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS) and is organized and moderated by Cynthia Minden and Taina Uitto. Look forward to fun events starting spring 2016.

Taina started her plastic free journey in 2010.  She authors a blog and has made a documentary about plastic free living.  Taina takes every opportunity to talk about her experiences and (has) THAT story has been featured in news across the globe.  Taina thinks ‘convenience’ should be a C-word, but more often than she wants, falls prey to its evil ways just like everyone else.

After watching Taina’s film, Cynthia was motivated to change her plastic ways.  She helped start Pender Recycling years ago but realizes that the opportunity to recycle plastic is certainly not enough to reduce it’s insidious spread.   She hopes Plastic Free Denman will help to motivate herself and others,  to find alternatives and empowerment as consumers with choice!  
For more information on plastics please visit and
Rent “From the Waste Up – Life Without Plastic” on Vimeo.


Keep it real Denman.